Five crazy stats from Giants' epic comeback win over D-backs


Even Year Magic is so 2014. Allow me to introduce the Odd Year Giants. Buckle up fans, this is a wild bunch. 

Yes, Tuesday night really happened. Mike Yastrzemski really did that. The Giants really pulled off an epic comeback 9-8 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks at Oracle Park. 

The win was the most exciting of this magical season so far. It kept the Giants in first place in the NL West ahead of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and served as the latest reason to believe that this team very much is for real. 

Throughout the first half of the 2021 season, there certainly have been times when fans asked themselves if the Giants can keep this up. They had to be asking that when San Francisco's bats went ice cold against the Washington Nationals. And they had to be asking that when the Giants trailed by seven runs after the top of the second inning Tuesday night vs. the last-place D-backs. 

But then the unthinkable happened. Here are five crazy stats that best show just how wild it was. 

Memories of Barry Bonds

Bonds hasn't played since 2007. Whenever a player, or players, or team, can be in the same breath as him, you know it was a wild night. 

The Giants launched two Splash Hits on Tuesday night for just the third time ever. Steven Duggar and Yastrzemski both crushed deep blasts into McCovey Cove. Bonds, by himself, accomplished the feat twice. He last did so on May 18, 2002. 


Duggar hit his first career Splash Hit, and Yastrzemski did so for the fourth time of his career. It was Yaz's long ball that invoked Bonds memories. From the lean back on his follow through to his bat drop and strut down the first base line, the similarities are uncanny. 

It also brought sweet redemption for a kayaker in the chilly San Francisco waters.

Against The Odds

There's a reason the D-backs only have 20 wins this season. There's a reason they have lost 12 straight games. There's a reason they can match the MLB record of 22 consecutive road losses if the Giants hand them another defeat Wednesday night. 

Here's my expert analysis: Arizona is a bad team. 

Looking at their win probability from their loss to the Giants is downright comical. 

Baseball Savant

Following LaMonte Wade Jr.'s fielder's choice for the second out in the bottom of the eighth inning and the Giants trailing 8-5, the D-backs had a 92-percent win probability. Two batters later, Yastrzemski's grand slam gave the Giants an 85-percent win probability.

This is not what Madison Bumgarner signed up for.

Thrice As Nice

Winning games when trailing by seven runs feels just like the Giants' World Series wins since coming to San Francisco. Once, twice, three times as nice. 

Since 1990, the Giants now have three wins when being down by at least seven runs. They last did so on May 3, 2019, against the Cincinnati Reds, and previously did so on April 30, 2004, against the then Florida Marlins. 

This also is only the second time in franchise history the D-backs have lost after holding a seven-run lead. 

The Grandest of Grand Slams

Yastrzemski's grand slam was more than a long ball sailing into the San Francisco sky. It was a moment. It was a talking point. It was one to tell your friends for a long, long time. 

It also placed him in Giants history. 

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The grand slam was the 13th in Giants history of the San Francisco era when trailing in the eighth inning or later. To make it better, it was only the third when trailing by three runs or more. 

Milt May was the last Giant to hit a grand slam in the eighth inning or later when down by three runs or more when he did so on July 18, 1980, against the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Sports Radar

One of One

For my next act, I'll remind you how bad the D-backs are and how crazy this Giants season has been. 

OK, here are two numbers: 1 and 193. Can you guess what they stand for? Yeah, me neither. 

Time for the answer. MLB teams now are 1-193 this season when trailing by at least seven runs. The Giants have the lone win. 

All is well in San Francisco. All is down in the desert. Hello, Odd Year Magic.


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