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Five things to know, quirks about Giants' 2022 schedule

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If you're someone who likes to plan your Giants trips around holidays, the 2022 season brings good news.

The schedule was randomly released on Wednesday morning -- stay hot, MLB -- and the Giants spent just about every holiday weekend on the road. They are in Cleveland for Easter Sunday, Philadelphia for Memorial Day, Pittsburgh for Father's Day, Arizona for the Fourth of July and Los Angeles for Labor Day. The lone exception is Mother's Day, with the Giants wearing pink against the St. Louis Cardinals. 

That's one quirk of the 2022 schedule. Here are five more things to know:

An Early Tin Fish Trip

The Giants have always preferred to open on the road, which gives them more home dates once kids are out of school and allows them to finish the year at home. They'll do it for the 13th consecutive season, but in 2022 at least they won't be in a weird place like Milwaukee* or Seattle.

The season starts with four games at Petco Park in what promises to be a really competitive early series. No matter how this season goes the Padres are going to be contenders again next year, and they could be even more dangerous if they get Mike Clevinger back and Fernando Tatis Jr.'s shoulder is finally healthy.

It's a convenient trip for the Giants and their fans, allowing the team to potentially fly back to San Francisco at the end of the spring, get settled, and then make the quick flight to San Diego. A lot of Giants fans already live there, and anyone who visits Scottsdale from the Bay Area late in March can stop in the Gaslamp on the way home. It's worth it for the fish tacos alone. 


*The Giants do still visit Milwaukee on that first trip. 

A Massive Weekend

April 8 is going to be a huge day at Oracle Park. It is, hopefully, the first time since 2019 that the Giants can welcome a full house for their home opener. It is, potentially, a day the Giants will celebrate something else. 

This isn't a jinx, this is just a fact: The Giants have MLB's best record and a legitimate shot at winning the World Series. If they can pull it off, all the usual pomp and circumstance will come during that Marlins series. It would not be the first time a ring is handed out before a Marlins game at Oracle Park.

Finish On A Hot Streak

A lot can change during an offseason, but right now it looks like the Rockies and Diamondbacks are headed for rebuilds. Or at least they should be -- it's unclear if the Rockies know they're not good. That means the Giants should have the easiest final two weeks of any potential contender in baseball:

Just keep that stretch in mind throughout the 2022 first half. No matter how the Giants are doing, they should have a chance to make up a lot of ground in the final couple of weeks. They might see an old friend, too.

Introducing The Guardians

After two straight seasons against the AL West, the Giants match up with the AL Central in interleague play. They'll get an early first look at the Cleveland Guardians, visiting the team-formerly-known-as-Indians on May 15 for the start of a three-city trip that includes the Mets and Nationals. 

The Giants also visit Detroit and Minnesota, and they host Kansas City, Detroit and the Chicago White Sox. The next Rogers Twins matchup could happen August 26-28, but there's a good chance Taylor is traded elsewhere before then. 

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Meet L.A. 

Let's be honest, this year's schedule was way off in one respect. The Giants didn't face the Dodgers until May 21 and then had most of those rivalry series packed together. Next season is more balanced, with a trip to Dodger Stadium the first week of May and six games -- three in each park -- in September. 

The most interesting series could be July 21-24 at Dodger Stadium. The All-Star break is the previous three days and the Giants and Dodgers will be the only teams to play on the 21st, kicking off the second half of the season. 

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