Star shortstops Turner, Crawford express mutual admiration


Two of MLB's best shortstops are facing off in the NLDS, as Brandon Crawford and Trea Turner both have been critical parts of the success the Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers have experienced all season.

Ahead of Friday night's Game 1 win by the Giants, the star infielders expressed mutual admiration for their counterpart at shortstop.

"Stud. He's just a good player, man," Turner said of Crawford on Friday. "He does everything. This year, too, the offense has been unbelievable. He's always been a good player, clutch player, unbelievable defense, but this year, it's a guy you want to avoid. You don't want him coming up to the plate with runners on or any situation, really. So, he's been the total package for most, I mean, for all of his career, and he's a World Series champion."

"I feel like there's not many weaknesses in his game, really," Crawford said of Turner. "He hit for power obviously he's one of the faster base runners I think in baseball. He plays good defense, can kind of put him anywhere on the field and plays pretty solid defense. But I think probably the combination of speed and power is the thing that stands out the most."

The 28-year-old Turner also mentioned that he sometimes will seek out advice from the 34-year-old Crawford.

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Similar to how it went the entire season, Crawford demonstrated his value to the Giants' lineup with a monster home run in the bottom of the eighth inning that padded the lead. He also flashed his elite defense with an impressive double play turn.


Turner went 0-4 with two strikeouts, but won the NL batting title and is a constant threat at the plate and on the base paths.

How these two perform in Game 2 likely once again will be a determining factor in which team comes out on top.

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