Cardinals' Oviedo appears to tell Yaz to 'shut the f--k up'

Mike Yastrzemski

Mike Yastrzemski and Johan Oviedo likely won't make dinner plans with each other after Wednesday's game between the Giants and St. Louis Cardinals.

After Yastrzemski doubled to drive in the go-ahead run in the bottom of the second inning, Oviedo stepped off multiple times, and after the last instance, he turned to the Giants outfielder and had a few choice words.

It appears the 23-year-old rookie right-hander told Yastrzemski to "shut the f--k up."

In some instances, those are fighting words. In this case, cooler heads prevailed.

What would cause Oviedo to say something like that to Yastrzemski? It's possible the Cardinals starter thought Yaz was relaying signs to Wilmer Flores, or Yaz was saying something to Oviedo for constantly checking the card in his pocket with signs and sequences on it.

After Oviedo had words for Yastrzemski, he immediately reached for the card in his back pocket, likely to change the signs with catcher Andrew Knizner.

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In their next encounter, Oviedo got Yastrzemski to ground out to first base to end the fourth inning. Their paths crossed briefly, but it appeared no more words were exchanged between the two players.

It's unclear exactly what started the kerfuffle, but Yastrzemski and Oviedo likely will be asked what happened after the conclusion of the game.

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