Cain believes blockbuster trade for Soto is 'coin toss' move


Matt Cain would love to see Juan Soto on the Giants, but for the price San Francisco would have to pay, he believes it ultimately would be a "coin toss" as to whether it would be worth it. 

Cain joined 95.7 The Game's "Steiny & Guru" on Tuesday, where he was asked about the Giants potentially going after Soto and expressed caution when it comes to surrendering the minor league talent that would be required for a deal. 

"Yeah it would be great, but they've also gotta be thinking a little bit down the road as well," Cain said. "What are they going to have to do to be able to get a player like that? Is he just going to be a rental player for the half of the year and what does it look like down the road?"

Throughout San Francisco's 2010s dynasty, Cain saw first-hand how big deadline moves can impact a team in the middle of the season, sometimes they work out, sometimes they don't. 

"It is definitely a boost like when we got Hunter [Pence], that was amazing," Cain added. "Then there's other times where we got [Carlos] Beltran and it didn't pan out and it wasn't for his lack of production, it was that it just didn't pan out. It's always a tough one to be able to say hey just because you go get a guy like a Soto, is that going to change everything? I think it's still a coin toss."

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Fortunately for the Giants and any team pursuing Soto, he's as close to a sure thing as you could possibly get in any deadline move. He's a generational talent, one of the very best players in the game and already has won a world series. 

He's the complete package and will provide an immediate spark to any organization that is willing to pay what should be a historic price

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