Krukow wants Giants to sign Belt to multi-year contract

Brandon Belt

The Giants have a big Brandon Belt decision to make this offseason.

They already have extended him the one-year, $18.4 million qualifying offer, making it clear he's wanted in San Francisco. But if he declines and becomes a free agent, just how high will the Giants go?

Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow hopes that if Belt does return, it isn't one a one-year deal. 

"I don't want to see him go anywhere," Krukow said Thursday morning on KNBR's "Murph & Mac" show. "I want to see him sign a three, maybe four-year deal. What is he, 34 now? 33? I think he's capable of being able to make that type of contract good."

Belt turns 34 years old next April, and proved how valuable he is last season when healthy. 

Krukow, a former pitcher himself, actually wants to see Belt back for his defense even more than his offense. 

"I love him for a lot of reasons, and one of which is he calms an infield down because he has such a good glove at first base," Krukow said. "Now if you're a pitcher, that's a big deal. Just keeping everybody mellow and he does that.

"... Brandon Belt, I love the guy. I don't want him to leave because of his glove."

There's no doubt that Belt's glove would be a big loss. But there's no denying what an absence his bat was in the NLDS against the Dodgers. 

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Belt hit a career-high 29 home runs and had a .597 slugging percentage last season, which also was the best of his 11-year career. The last two seasons, he has set new career highs in slugging percentage and OPS. But his season also only lasted 97 games. He didn't play again after fracturing his thumb on Sept. 26 and missed the entire NLDS. 


"What we saw last year offensively was remarkable," Krukow said. "He's a modern-day player. ... He's a modern-guy, I think you need that kind of guy as an anchor."

Farhan Zaidi, the Giants' president of baseball operations, met with Belt's representatives Wednesday at the GM meetings. The San Francisco Chronicle's John Shea reported the Giants are interested in bringing back Belt on a multi-year deal

How many years, and for how much money, is anyone's best guess right now.

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