The Raiders might prefer to fast forward through this season’s second half.

There’s not much left to prove in this disastrous campaign, and there's plenty to do this offseason, when the Raiders will be armed with draft picks aplenty and significant salary-cap space.

This might be as good a time as any to call the whole thing off. That’s especially true considering where the Raiders are set to draft after Week 9’s events.

That’s because the 1-7 Raiders currently sit atop the draft board. Their first-round pick will be extremely valuable, especially with selections gained by trading edge rusher Khalil Mack and wide receiver Amari Cooper.

Raiders fans should want the Cowboys and Bears to stink up the joint, but only one team is following that script. The Cowboys are a mess, though the Bears continue winning even with Mack down with an ankle injury.

The Silver and Black’s three first-round draft picks look better than they did last week, and they’d been thrilled to keep it this way in April.

Let’s take a look and where the Raiders would select if the season ended today. Here are the 2019 first-round draft picks heading into Week 10, per

No. 1 overall (Last week: No. 3)

How it was earned: The Raiders would have the pick of the litter, selecting from a group of elite talents that include top edge rushers and quarterbacks. The Raiders would possess it for real if they lose out, a decided possibility considering how poor they’ve played. The New York Giants have but one win as well, so there will be competition for the top slot.


No. 11 overall (Last week: No. 13)

How it was earned: Man, the Cowboys got fleeced in this deal. They could end up forfeiting a top-11 pick for talented yet inconsistent Cooper. Dallas is in shambles, with a coach on the hot seat, alumni questioning the team’s direction and a quarterback feeling the pressure. More losses equal a better pick for the Raiders, who didn’t want to pay Cooper top-end receiver money.

No. 22 overall (Last week: No. 22)

How it was earned: The Raiders hoped Chicago would be bad when they traded Mack for a compensation package that includes two first-round picks. That hasn’t panned out. This pick could end up far lower than expected.