Raiders rookie running back Josh Jacobs is many things -- you can go ahead and add the term "elusive" to the list.

According to Pro Football Focus, Jacobs is just that. He's the top-ranked running back in their Elusive Rating, right ahead of New Orleans' Alvin Kamara:

PFF's Elusive Rating "charts missed tackles forced by a running back -- either by juking a guy out of his tackle attempt or simply by powering through it -- and yards gained after contact." This particular metric is considered to be one of the best indicators of work done by runners. 

Basically, it measures how a running back performs given the blocking assistance it receives and the yardage the combination of the two produces. 

Now that we understand the definition of the rating, it further highlights just how dynamic of an addition Jacobs has been to the Raiders. Oakland is building the offense around him, placing a heavy emphasis on running the ball.

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Jacobs is the perfect guy for that.

On the season so far, Jacobs has totaled 620 rushing yards and four touchdowns. That's why the Elusive Rating was brought into play -- the deeper numbers prove he's worth more than those surface stats.