Raiders QB Derek Carr breaks down his three interceptions vs Rams

Raiders QB Derek Carr breaks down his three interceptions vs Rams

OAKLAND – Raiders quarterback Derek Carr threw three interceptions in Monday night’s 33-13 loss to the Los Angeles Rams, including a few that looked pretty bad. 
That included a pick six by Rams cornerback Marcus Peters that iced victory. Carr made an odd throw that flew in the face of generally accurate passing early in the game. 
The Rams turned Carr’s interceptions into 13 points, but also took points off the Raiders ledger because it occurred in the end zone. 
Carr broke down all three of his interceptions and what went wrong on each one. Here’s the QB's insight on each:

Interception No. 1
Carr’s target: Jared Cook in the end zone
Intercepted by: John Johnson

Carr’s explanation: “I just made a bad throw. We had Jared Cook one-on-one, and we all know what he can do. I just made a bad throw.”

Interception No. 2
Carr’s target: Jordy Nelson near the Rams’ 40-yard line
Intercepted by: Cory Littleton

Carr’s explanation: “I went to the right side, and they buzzed underneath the route, so I came back and went to throw it away. I wanted to give another route a chance, but I saw somebody step in the way, so I tried to draw it back with my hand, and that’s why it looked so terrible. He just floated out there and landed in the guy’s lap. You sit there and say, ‘That’s one of the dumbest plays you can ever have.’ I knew what I should’ve done as soon as the play was over. It was disappointing to have it end up that way.”

Interception No. 3
Carr’s target: Cook near midfield
Intercepted by: Marcus Peters (pick six)

Carr’s explanation: “The cornerback was running with Jared, and I thought he was going to keep running. I saw where he sat on the route, and I threw the ball out in front of him, and the guy ended up getting a gift. Those are the interceptions where Jared and I will look over the play and make sure we’re on the same page and get it better the next time.”

Jason Witten's leadership crucial for Raiders during 2020 NFL season


Jason Witten's leadership crucial for Raiders during 2020 NFL season

Two notable Raiders additions in the offseason, tight end Jason Witten and linebacker Nick Kwiatkoski, met with the media via a Zoom call Monday.

Here are five takeaways on what was said.

1. One major reason the Raiders brought in Witten, who became one of the NFL’s top tight ends over 16 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, was for his veteran leadership. Coach Jon Gruden even asked Witten to speak to the team a few days ago about the importance of high character.

“It’s vital,” Witten said. “This league’s too hard regardless of how talented you are, and I shared this with the guys. … The margin for error is so small in this league that’s how you have to approach it. I was blown away by the skill set. You can see it. I’ve also seen the guys love football. They work hard. They’re accountable.”

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Raiders rookie Henry Ruggs' insane one-handed catch shows potential

Raiders rookie Henry Ruggs' insane one-handed catch shows potential

It's no secret how fast Raiders rookie receiver Henry Ruggs is. With his 4.27 40-yard dash speed, he's in the end zone in the blink of an eye.

The Raiders were enamored with Ruggs' speed, and rightfully so. That certainly played a big role in the Silver and Black selecting the former Alabama receiver with the No. 11 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. But it wasn't the only reason. 

Ruggs had some of the best hands in the draft, and he proved that with an insane one-handed grab for a touchdown early on in Raiders training camp. 

It's easy to see why the Raiders fell in love with Ruggs before the draft. He tallied 86 receptions for 1,487 receiving yards and 18 touchdowns his final two years for the Crimson Tide. Ruggs should have a big role in the offense, and the hope is he connects right away with quarterback Derek Carr. 

So far, so good. 

Ruggs should be used all over the field as a rookie, as the Raiders find ways to get the ball in his hands. And it appears he will start off in the slot. 

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“We’ll start with Ruggs III in the slot and do some things with Ruggs III," offensive coordinator Greg Olson said to reporters last week, via Raiders Wire. "But those guys (Ruggs and Bryan Edwards) are very multiple in what they can do and that’s the goal is to be able to move all of them around to different spots; the one, two or three position at the wide receiver.”

Whether it be on the inside or outside, Ruggs will play a big part in the Raiders' offense right away. His ridiculous one-handed grab was just another preview of what's to come.