Firing Peter DeBoer was difficult decision for Sharks' Doug Wilson


Firing Peter DeBoer was difficult decision for Sharks' Doug Wilson

SAN JOSE - Suffice it to say, it's typical for a manager to pick up the phone and call an employee the company is about to let go. It's rare to hear of a manager going to an employee's house to deliver the news.

But that's exactly what Sharks general manager Doug Wilson did when he delivered the news to Peter DeBoer and his coaching staff Wednesday.

"Heading over to his house yesterday was probably one of the toughest things I've done in this business," Wilson told reporters at SAP Center on Thursday, revealing that DeBoer's coaching staff was present for the meeting as well.

In a press conference that formally introduced Bob Boughner as the Sharks interim head coach, Wilson took the time to explain the arduousness of the choice to relieve DeBoer of his head coaching duties.

"This has been a very difficult decision and it's not a decision we made lightly," Wilson said at the start of the press conference. "I can't thank Pete DeBoer enough for what he's done for this organization. Not only in the coaching job but as a man and as a person."

DeBoer's dismissal comes in the wake of a winless road trip for the Sharks and a losing streak that has extended the entire month of December thus far. It isn't this one winless stretch that drove Wilson to make a coaching change, however. San Jose got off to a rough first month of the season but turned things around and had one of the best months of November the Sharks have ever had. 

When their fortunes changed for the worse this time around, however, Wilson knew that something needed to change and tough decisions had to be made.

"It's not about the blame game, it's about finding solutions," Wilson said. "You look back at the success and the journey that we've had. But then, honestly, you take a look at the results that have been unacceptable this year."

Wilson revealed to a smaller group of reporters after the press conference that the decision to make a coaching change occurred on the flight home from the road trip following a 3-1 loss to the Nashville Predators and a four-game trip where the Sharks were outscored 22-7.

"I was sitting there and you could feel it," Wilson said of the flight. "We were feeling pretty good about ourselves prior to that trip. Even in the Carolina game, I thought we battled back and got going. But something was lingering, there was something that just wasn't quite right. And my job is to find solutions and say, 'How can we get back? How can we get that energy and joy?' When you get that feeling, it's contagious and you can put games together. But when you're scratching and clawing to stay in the game, that sometimes means something is missing."

Even with that tough decision made and finalized, Wilson reiterated that he wished DeBoer and his coaching staff all the best -- which had a lot to do with his decision to go over to DeBoer's house.

"To me, it's respect," Wilson said. "I have such great respect for him, both him and his wife, and that's how you do business. He was so first class."

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Wilson added that DeBoer "respected" the decision of the organization to hand the reigns over the Boughner, who was in his second tour on DeBoer's coaching staff following a brief head coaching stint with the Florida Panthers. In Wilson's eyes, bringing in a new voice -- even one as familiar as Boughner's -- can help turn things around.

"Sometimes, bringing coaches in does that," Wilson said. "With other teams, we've seen that. It doesn't make me happy that that might be what was needed. But it's not that Pete did anything wrong. It's just that, sometimes, maybe (you need) that little jolt and we all should look in the mirror and take responsibility."

Sharks' Evander Kane announces daughter's birth after 'tough journey'


Sharks' Evander Kane announces daughter's birth after 'tough journey'

Just over a year after losing their daughter during pregnancy, Sharks forward Evander Kane and his wife, Anna, welcomed another daughter into the world.

The Kanes announced the birth of their daughter, Kensington Ava, on Thursday on social media. Evander Kane said his daughter was born on July 3. 

"My wife Anna is a rockstar, the strength and love she has displayed over the last 18 months," Kane wrote on Twitter. "We want to thank everyone who has reached out during this period in support of our family and (we) appreciate the kind words throughout this journey. I'm so proud of my daughter, it's tough to put into words how much she means to me."

Kane thanked the Sharks, their fans, his friends and family "for their overwhelming love" during a difficult time. Last March, Kane announced that their daughter, Eva, passed away 26 weeks into Anna's pregnancy.

"You gave us all, especially your mom and I, something to be excited about," Kane wrote of Eva on Twitter on March 14, 2019. "And though we are devastated that you couldn't stay with us longer, your mom and I will always cherish the time we had with your beautiful soul. Your spirit will give us strength, your love will give us comfort. We will love you forever."

The Sharks, San Jose teammate Mario Ferraro and Hockey Diversity Alliance co-founder Akim Aliu all commented on Kane's Instagram post on Thursday.

Sharks' Tomas Hertl explains funny, simple reason why he wears No. 48

Sharks' Tomas Hertl explains funny, simple reason why he wears No. 48

Tomas Hertl has a huge year ahead of him. As he returns from ACL and MCL surgery, he and his wife Aneta are expecting the birth of their first child in November.

Sharks fans everywhere can't wait for No. 48 to get back on the ice. But how did he pick that number? It’s quite simple.

“They give it to me,” he wrote in a recent NHLPA questionnaire.

Enough said.

But before Hertl was the Sharks’ All-Star center, he had other aspirations.

Believe it or not, he wrote in the questionnaire that he wanted to be an architect if he wasn’t going to be a hockey player. But he was born to play hockey.

His dad, Jaroslav, during the winter in his native in Prague, would create nets (measuring the perfect size) on the frozen ponds near where he lived. Hertl’s dad would even kick off skaters if they were recreationally using the area where he wanted to play hockey.

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As much as Hertl could have thrived as an architect, his career as a hockey star was destined.