Everybody who watched Game 7 between the Sharks and Vegas Golden Knights on Tuesday night knows exactly when everything changed.

And after the Sharks' 5-4 overtime win at SAP Center, Golden Knights forward Jonathan Marchessault didn't hold back when talking about that moment, with the refs in his sights.

"I really hope Joe Pavelski is OK," Marchessault told the media in San Jose. "You never want to see something bad like that happen, but it's a f---ing joke. You called five minutes for that? Why don't you have a replay for that? Changed the whole outcome of the game.

"Seriously, what is that? So disappointed. They're trying to get involved in the game. The game's not even close. Call a two [-minute penalty], but a five for something you don't even see and just call the outcome? It's a f---ing joke. It's embarrassing."

What Marchessault was so steamed about happened midway through the third period, when the Vegas Golden Knights led 3-0 and had all the momentum.

Then Cody Eakin cross-checked Pavelski after a faceoff, knocking the Sharks captain off balance, and he fell backwards and landed on his head. He was a bloody mess and had to be helped to the dressing room with a towel on his head.

Eakin was assessed a five-minute cross-checking penalty and a 10-minute game misconduct penalty for the hit. Then, over the next 4:01, the Sharks scored four goals to take a stunning 4-3 lead.


Marchessault was asked if the game was stolen from Vegas, which tied the score on his goal with 47 seconds left in regulation but lost on Barclay Goodrow's overtime marker.

"If it was stolen? Yeah, it was 3-0 with what, 10, 12 minutes left? They scored four goals on the power play," Marchessault said. "They came up clutch. They feed off the bad call, and they came back, 4-3, got the big goal in overtime.

"Gotta give them credit at some point. They're a great hockey team, but it's embarrassing."

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Marchessault went on to compare what happened Tuesday to another controversial call from the NFL earlier this year, when a missed pass-interference call allowed the Los Angeles Rams beat the New Orleans Saints to reach the Super Bowl.

"But it's the same thing with the Saints, it changes the whole outcome," Marchessault said. "Obviously human error exists, it's a fast game for everyone. I think everyone needed the extra help. They just got involved in the game, called a bad call. Look where we are. Summer's starting. F---ing five months until Game 1 of the regular season starts. It's awful."

Vegas coach Gerard Gallant wasn't happy either, but he used less colorful language to get his point across.

"It was an awful call," Gallant said. "We've all seen it. It's too bad we end up losing because of that because we were in control of the hockey game."

One year after losing in the Stanley Cup Final, Vegas bowed out in the first round.

"You know what, last year we were in the Stanley Cup Final, and it was tough to lose," Gallant said. "Tonight was tougher than that, it really was, the way we lost that hockey game."

The Sharks move on to face the Colorado Avalanche -- Game 1 is scheduled for Friday in San Jose -- while the Golden Knights begin their summer break.