What Dubnyk, Sharks coach Nabokov have been focusing on


Devan Dubnyk made his Sharks debut for the final 12 minutes of San Jose's 5-3 loss to the Arizona Coyotes on Saturday night, but he still is looking for his first start. 

There's a good chance that could change Monday night against the St. Louis Blues. When his opportunity comes for an extended period of time on the ice, Dubnyk will be able to show what he and Sharks goaltending coach Evgeni Nabokov have been focusing on in recent weeks.

"Nothing super particular but big thing for me that I always talk about, and one thing that he's kind of staying on top of me is just having my feet set," Dubnyk said Sunday to reporters. "That's a big part of my game -- making sure I'm set where I need to be in the net so my feet are set and allowing me to execute save one to save two and three.

"He's just really working with me on that so I don't have any drift in my game forward or back." 

The Sharks acquired Dubnyk from the Minnesota Wild in October. The 34-year-old saved both of the shot attempts against him Saturday and will look to build off that. 

Dubnyk played 30 games for the Wild last season and had an .890 save percentage. He has a .915 career save percentage over his 12-year career. Martin Jones impressed coach Bob Boughner in training camp and kept his job as the Sharks' staring goalie, but the plan always was to use both goaltenders this season. 


Throughout his NHL career, Dubnyk mostly has served as a starter but knows the importance of a good backup on and off the ice. 

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"Just encouragement," Dubnyk said when asked about how a backup can help the starter. "Just support, really. We've both played a lot of hockey games. I'm not gonna sit on the bench and when Jonesy comes for a TV timeout tell him what I think I see.

"He's a big boy, he's a great goalie and he's played a lot of games. I think the most important thing is to have a great relationship. Just be support there. ... We gotta stick together the two of us."