Iguodala replies to tweet about Steph's current NBA ranking

Steph Curry Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala arguably is Steph Curry's biggest fan.

The 2015 NBA Finals MVP for years has gone out of his way to praise the only unanimous MVP in league history.

And Iguodala on Thursday had Curry's back again.

When someone replied by mentioning Curry, "@DragonflyJonez" responded by saying he has the Warriors superstar at No. 4.

Iguodala entered the conversation with a three-word reply:

"Stop it pro…"

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There ended up being one more back-and-forth:

So yeah -- it's very safe to assume that Iguodala believes Steph is one of the top-three players in the NBA right now.

And that makes perfect sense.

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