Mullin pinpoints Steph's overlooked quality as superstar

James Wiseman, Steph Curry

It's ridiculous that some people are still debating Steph Curry's legacy. The Warriors superstar will finish his career as one of the 15 best players to ever step on an NBA court. He revolutionized the way the game is played and is unquestionably the best shooter of all-time.

Full stop.

Curry's greatness has been evident for a while now. Anyone who debates where he stands in the pantheon does so either out of jealousy, for attention or knows nothing about the game of basketball. Former Warriors legend and NBC Sports Bay Area analyst Chris Mullin believes Curry's legacy is set in stone. (It is.) But Mullin also believes there's an overlooked quality about Curry that few people talk about.

“His ability to adapt his game with different teammates. And his ability to attract people that want to come play with him in that style because it looks so entertaining and so much fun that they want to be a part of that. I think that's part of his legacy too," Mullin told Grant Liffmann on the Dubs Talk podcast.

There is no better example of that than Curry's willingness and desire to bring Kevin Durant on board for three seasons and cede the spotlight to his new teammate. Durant saw the way Curry and the Warriors played and desired to be a part of the Warriors' brand of basketball as he searched for higher basketball meaning.


There are few superstars who, after winning a title and leading his team to an NBA record 73 wins, would be comfortable enough to share the stage with someone who is considered one of the top two players on the planet. But Curry had no problem welcoming Durant and winning championships alongside him as long as he wanted to stay in the Bay.

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The Curry slander has always been ridiculous, but it took on a new meaning early this season as the two-time MVP struggled after playing only five games in 18 months.

Curry took a blowtorch to his haters Sunday when he dropped a career-high 62 against the Portland Trail Blazers and followed that up with 30 against the Kings in just three quarters.

The overlooked quality is important to note, but the first line on Curry's Hall of Fame plaque will be about his uncanny ability to get white-hot and destroy an opponent in a matter of minutes. There are few, if any, who have ever been able to do that quite like him.

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