Dirk Nowitzki doesn't understand why Kevin Durant responds to stuff on social media


Dirk Nowitzki doesn't understand why Kevin Durant responds to stuff on social media

Kevin Durant was recently a guest on the "Pull Up with CJ McCollum Podcast."

Part 1 was released last week and Part 2 dropped on Tuesday.

After a brief introduction on Part 1, McCollum wasted no time getting into Durant's social media habits.

"You made the waves recently responding to people on Twitter," McCollum began. "We have to talk about this; I always tell people we are normal human beings -- we got feelings, we got emotions, we go through depression, we go through happy moments, sad moments -- why did you respond?"

For Durant, it's pretty simple -- he enjoys interacting with fans and talking about basketball:

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"Well, I'm always on Instagram -- well not always; I mean, when I have time -- we scroll through the Explore page and through your tagged pictures, I do that ... so I've been seeing this kid just been having these basketball analyses and he has like 50,000 followers so he kind of got a little voice. People actually looking at this stuff.

So you know, there was some comments, obviously I'm gonna disagree about some stuff. And I'm like, 'Yo, bro. You don't know what you're talking about. I understand you love the game, you love different players. Bro, relax. Now you got 50,000 people following you with this garbage.' Exactly what I said.

Obviously, because of me and I play for the Warriors, which everybody hates the Warriors -- I don't think they have anything against me it's just the fact that I play for the Warriors. So when I respond to the kid, it's like I did it in a sensitive manner. But I've seen you respond to a lot of people as well. I've always seen Kobe Bryant respond to people on Twitter as well just reminding them about some stuff ... I could go down the line of players in every sport that do that, but I guess just because it's just me...

I'm just chillin, on the Gram, so I can't be like, 'Nah man, I'm not gonna be who I am.' I've been doing the social media for a minute -- since I first started. That's what it's for. I got tweets in the archive since I first started in the league. It's who I am, that's jus what I do on social media. And it's pretty simple -- when I want to comment I do, if I don't -- probably I don't want to. I think people just blow it out of proportion because it's me."

You may think that it's silly for Durant to engage whatsoever. But it's fun for him and he isn't going to change (it also results in some great content).

Hey Dirk Nowitzki -- do you follow any of the Durant stuff on social media?

“I don’t follow him on Twitter, but obviously it’s tough not to see what’s going on," Dirk said on The Dan Patrick Show on Friday morning. "I just think overall and in general, I don’t know why you would get engaged with fans talking trash.

"I like having fun with it. I get hit up on Twitter every now and then in my mentions. ‘Hey, you’re old, go away. Retire.’ Or something like that. To me, it’s fun. You’re not supposed to be sensitive about it. That’s how I look at it.

"I’m not sure why KD feels the need to respond to some of the stuff, because, I mean, Twitter is just such a place for tough guys and a lot of hate. I take it with a smile on my face. You can’t take yourself too serious on there.”

Wait. Hold on. Dirk doesn't follow Durant on Twitter?

Have a great weekend everybody!

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DeMarcus Cousins shakes nerves, then rust in impressive Warriors debut

DeMarcus Cousins shakes nerves, then rust in impressive Warriors debut

LOS ANGELES — DeMarcus Cousins had a serious case of the nerves before his Warriors debut Friday night. His girlfriend, Morgan Lang, then reminded him how far he has come in his journey back to the NBA, and it settled him down.

Cousins’ return to the court not only was anticipated by the public but by the man himself. Nearly a year after his ruptured Achilles sidelined him from the sport he loves, he felt ready enough to play again.

Leading up to the game, Cousins felt a tightening of his stomach — butterflies. He was nervous. So much so that he text his family, who reminded him that he has been playing basketball his whole life. It should be like riding a bicycle.

It was Lang, however, who got through to Cousins most effectively.

“My girl,” Cousins said, “she sent me a great message before the game. It just put everything in perspective for me. She sent me this picture. It was the day after I had my surgery and I’m sitting in a wheelchair in L.A., staring out at a sunset.

“It wasn’t planned or anything, but you know she caught a good moment, and she sent it to me and was like, ‘Think about where you are now, and where you came from.’ It kind of put everything in perspective for me.”

Lang posted that same picture on Instagram.

Once the game clock started running, Cousins felt great, and the ride on the bike got smoother.

“Once the ball went up,” he said, “everything kind of went out the window, and it all fell from there.”

Cousins had a notable debut that was better than many expected. He played 15 minutes before fouling out to a standing ovation but only after scoring 14 points in the Warriors' 112-94 win over the Los Angeles Clippers.

Even Steve Kerr expressed that it was a kind of happy surprise.

“I would say so,” the Warriors coach said. “I didn’t anticipate him making three 3s. I know he can shoot from out there, we all know that, but first-game jitters and fatigue. I wouldn’t have expected him to knock down the two big shots that really broke the whole thing open. It was kind of fitting.”

Cousins said the entire night made him feel like a kid at Christmas.

“This is probably one of the best days of my life,” Cousins said. “Just being out there on the floor again playing the game that I love. My teammates were great. They supported me through this entire process.”

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While Cousins knows there’s still a long way to go in building chemistry with his new team and learning more of the offense, there were things that made him feel great about his first game back. One was his first-quarter dunk for his first two points as a Warrior.

“I’m just glad to know I can still dunk,” Cousins joked. “Nah, it felt good. I never would have thought in a million years that would have been my first basket playing ball again. But I like that it happened, and I wouldn’t change it.”

DeMarcus Cousins looks like perfect prescription for what Warriors need

DeMarcus Cousins looks like perfect prescription for what Warriors need

LOS ANGELES -- DeMarcus Cousins, still carrying the remnants of defiant reputation, fouled out of a basketball game Friday night, and walked off the court not with a sneer but a grin that lit up an entire arena.

Did it before thousands of curious eyes in America’s entertainment center, as well as millions around the globe.

Did it out of pure, unabashed joy.

Did it as his teammates, riding the wave created by a man who had to re-learn how to walk and run, were standing and grinning back just as broadly.

Playing for the first time in nearly a year, Cousins did not merely survive his Warriors debut. He thrived. And largely because he did, the Warriors carved out a 112-94 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center.

“I felt like a kid on Christmas,” Cousins said. “It’s been a long journey ... but this was probably one of best days of my life.”

Merely by joining the Warriors in their 46th game of the season, Cousins sent a jolt of energy through his teammates and, perhaps, the entire franchise.

“It was just exciting, a good energy and feeling great about our teammate that is playing basketball again,” Stephen Curry said, describing the exuberance felt when Cousins was whistled for his sixth foul with 8:51 remaining.

Insofar as the Warriors are a talented bunch, accustomed to rousing success but also prone to lapses in focus, the big center is exactly what they need physically -- of course -- but also emotionally and even psychologically.

“He’s a really good teammate,” coach Steve Kerr said. “He’s an emotional guy. But he’s loved, because he cares about us. He’s hilarious. He’s just one of the guys.

“So that was one bright spot in the first half of the season. Even though he didn’t play, he was around our guys and they got to know him. And you could see how important that was in the second half when he was making those shots. Just how happy everybody was for him.”

Cousins played 15 minutes and finished plus-24 for his time on the court. He scored 14 points on 5 of 11 shooting, including 3 of 4 from beyond the arc. He grabbed six rebounds and also had three assists, one steal and one block.

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“In 15 minutes, he had 14 and six,” Kevin Durant said. “You turn that to 25 minutes, that’s an easy 25 and 10.”

There were times when the rust showed. He tried to execute a “Eurostep” maneuver, and it failed badly, resulting in an air ball. He earned points for courage but demerits for execution. And the fouls kept coming, some plainly legitimate and others less so.

Only once did Cousins flare up ever so briefly before going back to work.

No doubt much of Cousins’ joy stems from him dropping in a pair of 3-pointers 32 seconds apart, which expanded the Warriors’ lead from nine to 15. The Clippers never got any closer.

“When he hit two big shots that really broke the whole game open, it was kind of fitting,” Kerr said. “We’re all really happy for him. It’s been a long haul, a long road back for him. He looked great out there.”

It’s one thing to participate, quite another to contribute in such an impactful way.

Returning to NBA basketball after 11 months of rehabilitating a ruptured Achilles tendon, Cousins had to learn to walk again, and to run. Then, too, the intensity of intrasquad scrimmages can’t begin to compare to that of actual game action.

“It was amazing,” Curry said.

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Cousins will keep defenses honest, as Durant said. He will provide strength in the middle, as Kerr said. He made them better immediately, and it’s only the beginning, as Curry noted.

“My teammates were great,” Cousins said. “They’ve supported me through this entire process. The organization has supported me through this entire process. They made it easy and smooth for me as much as they could.

“I thank them.”

It was just as clear that, on this night, they thank him. The Warriors are playing well, feeling good, and now they have a weapon that energizes them. Look out, NBA.