Why did Draymond Green feel the need to call out a Utah Jazz writer on Twitter following the Warriors' 106-103 win on Monday night?

He explained his rationale on KNBR 680-AM on Tuesday evening.

"Looking at my Twitter blowing up, you had credible websites and credible publications tweeting that we were disrespecting them (the Jazz). And if you watched any of our interviews, we gave them all the credit in the world," Green said. "They deserved it. Number one -- don't tweet out what we are doing in our locker room if you aren't interviewing us. That's number one. Number two -- don't lie and try to make it out like we are doing something that we're not."

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The writer, Ben Dowsett, sent out multiple tweets after Monday's game:






On Tuesday morning, Draymond responded: 





"Is it that big of a deal? No. But it's just the principle," Draymond explained. "So I definitely wanted to let him know and I kind of weighed giving him the attention that he wanted which is what he needed, because like he said he's doing 60 hours for free. Which I think is pretty crazy, and he must be pretty bad at his job to still be doing 60 hours for free. Or it's not his job, for his volunteer work. It just had me upset and I decided that I was going to respond to it...

"... I think I was pretty nice about what I had to say. I could have went in really hard but I was nice about it."