Draymond frustrated after 'garbage' technical, ref's actions


Draymond Green is no stranger to picking up technical fouls, but the one he was assessed in the Warriors' 99-82 loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night bothered him for several reasons.

With the Warriors down nine points late in the second quarter at American Airlines Center, Steph Curry drove to the rim and had his shot blocked. There was a lot of contact but no foul was called. Curry ended up on the floor as the Mavericks grabbed the rebound and called a timeout.

Green could be seen approaching the referee along the baseline, and was later given a technical foul. After the timeout, Reggie Bullock made the free throw to give the Mavericks a 46-36 lead at the time.

Following the game, Green voiced his frustration at the situation, going into great detail about how he felt the referee in question disrespected him.

"I got a technical for a referee walking away from me and then coming back to talk to me and I walk away," Green told reporters in Dallas. "That's why I got a technical. I think I got eight or nine techs this year. Five or six of them are super questionable. And as I said to the ref, 'It's unbelievable that you'll walk away from me, very disrespectful, mid-sentence when we're having a normal conversation and if I walked away from you when you were talking to me, you'd give me a tech.' He continued to walk away from me, then walked up to me and said 'All right, what do you have to say?' And I said 'f--k it. It's cool. I don't even want to talk no more. It's all right' and walked away and got a tech. So, you tell me where the tech is at.


"But this ain't the same world we used to live in and you can't treat people like that. So that's bulls--t because if I walk away, I get a tech, if I walk to you, I get a tech, have a normal conversation with you, I get a tech. I'm not going to stop talking. So I don't know if the tech is supposed to stop me from talking. I'm not going to stop talking and I shouldn't have to stop talking if I come to you and have a respectful conversation with you. I'm a grown man with my own children, so I won't be treated as someone else's child, that probably doesn't even have as many children as I have. It's garbage. Like I said, there's been quite a few of them this year. And I don't really make any noise about it because at this point in my career, I don't really care about getting a tech. So it kind of is what it is, but it is a shame and that's for certain."

The technical on Wednesday is Green's eighth of the 2021-22 NBA season, and it definitely won't be the last. He might even receive a fine from the NBA for his comments.

But the vocal Warriors forward just hopes that the referees are willing to have respectful conversations regarding the play in question.

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That's not too much to ask, is it?

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