Draymond rips NBA's COVID-19 testing ahead of early Jazz game

Draymond talking to ref

Draymond Green clearly has had enough of the COVID-19 testing Warriors and NBA players have to go through on a daily basis.

The topic of the testing first came up Friday when Green met with local media. He was asked about James Wiseman being benched for the first three quarters of the Warriors' game against the LA Clippers after missing a COVID-19 test during the All-Star break which led to him missing practice on Wednesday.

Green partially blamed all the testing players have to go through for Wiseman's slip up, citing that players are getting tested three times a day.

The three-time NBA All-Star doubled down on his disdain for the testing Saturday in a pair of tweets.

Because the Warriors are playing a 1 p.m. PT game Sunday against the Utah Jazz at Chase Center, the Warriors' practice and testing schedule was adjusted.

But according to Green, the 5 p.m. test was canceled after practice was moved up to allow for the test to happen.

Clearly the combination of all the testing, the early game Sunday and Daylight Savings Time happening early Sunday morning set Green off.

Green understood when coach Steve Kerr decided to punish Wiseman for missing the COVID-19 test, but he made it clear that he wouldn't have chosen the same tactic in light of the rigorous testing taking place.


"I'm not sure if I was the coach, I would have suspended him over a COVID test, or not played him over a COVID test," Green told reporters Friday on a Zoom conference call. "Not that I'm questioning what Coach Kerr did. I'm just not sure I would have done that because there's so much testing. Like, tomorrow, we test three times. We test from 8 to 9 a.m., 5 to 6 p.m. and 10 to 11 p.m. We've got to test three times tomorrow and we got Daylight Savings and then we got a 1 p.m. game [on Sunday]. I'm just not going to be mad about that man missing a COVID test over All-Star break. Now, where it gets tough is, he missed practice. And I get that as a coach, 'Yeah, you missed practice.' And Wise definitely needs to practice because he's still learning. So I do understand from the missed practice standpoint.

"But when you look at the entire picture, he missed practice due to missing a COVID test. And these COVID test, I mean, listen, I think COVID is very serious, it's 100 percent something we need to worry about. I'm not sure me testing three times in one day is changing anything. At this point, it's really starting to get ...  I don't know man ... it's tough. I blame [James] though. He should have got out of town for All-Star break instead of staying in San Francisco. He wouldn't be facing that problem. But all this testing is insane. And it seems to be getting worse."

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The league might be overdoing it with all the testing, but they are doing everything they can to prevent an outbreak that sidelines an entire team or multiple teams for a week or more.

Until the coronavirus pandemic is under control and the vaccines become more readily available, Green and the rest of the players will have to continue to get tested multiple times a day.