D-Wade explains aspects of Steph's game that he loves

Steph Curry Warriors layup

Dwyane Wade has been extremely complimentary of Steph Curry over the years.

And prior to the Warriors' blowout loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night, the 2006 NBA Finals MVP was effusive in his praise of the Warriors' superstar.

"Fear. You have a little fear not knowing what he's gonna do," Wade said on TNT. "He has an amazing handle. When a guy can shoot from anywhere on the floor, when he shoots going left and he shoots going right ... 

"And then when he gives the ball up, he's even more deadly with his cuts, his screening, with his ability to come off screens. He's just impossible to guard."

Ain't that the truth.

But Wade wasn't done yet.

"Obviously all the highlights we see of him coming down shooting these 50-footers -- but what I love about him is his ability to give the ball up, the ability to play off the ball, his ability to pass the ball with both hands and also he's a great finisher," he explained. "People don't give him credit [for that]."

Curry is shooting 66.7 percent on shots within five feet over his last 36 games, which is incredible for someone his size.

And he's been elite in that department for years.

"He's a great finisher with both hands," Wade added. "He takes contact well. This guy is ... this guy is phenomenal."


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