JTA shushes Staples Center after big 3-pointer vs. Lakers

Juan Toscano-Anderson

The moment does not look to be too big for Juan Toscano-Anderson.

Appearing in his first-ever postseason contest -- technically, it's not the playoffs, yet -- with the Warriors against the Los Angeles Lakers in Wednesday's play-in game, Toscano-Anderson made himself heard.

And after he did, he requested some silence.

Toscano-Anderson made only one shot in the opening quarter against the Lakers, but it was a big one. He knocked down a 3-pointer from the wing to put Golden State up 28-21 with 46.2 seconds remaining in the frame. As he turned around to head back on defense, he let the Staples Center crowd know it was time to quiet down.

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Toscano-Anderson arguably is the best story in the entire NBA this season, and after the journey he has been on, he has every reason to be brimming with confidence. Clearly, he's not lacking it.

Staples, obviously, is bound to get raucous at several points throughout the game. But with some more big shots like Toscano-Anderson's, the Warriors might just be able to silence the doubters, too.