Kevin Durant didn't like comparison of him leaving OKC to Giannis' choice


Former Warriors superstar Kevin Durant took issue Friday with a specific tweet.

Matt Moore of The Action Network wrote: "As with KD, whatever Giannis does is his decision and it isn’t a moral choice. It’s a professional choice which impacts his life, even if there are impacts on other people. I’ll be disappointed, like I was with KD, if he bails, but not in him, just that it happened."

KD's response: "Sensitive a--."

The assumption here is that the two-time NBA Finals MVP didn't like Moore using the word "bails" to describe Durant leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2016 to sign with the Warriors.

If true, that's very understandable because "bails" has a pretty negative connotation.

KD also replied to a couple other tweets:

The 10-time All-Star frequently interacts with people on his social media platforms, so it's not a surprise to see him engage like this.

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As for Giannis' choice -- whenever the 2019-20 season officially ends and the offseason begins, the Milwaukee Bucks will offer him a "supermax" contract extension. If he declines it, speculation that he will leave the Bucks as a free agent in 2021 will become incessant.


There has been lots of chatter about the Greek Freak possibly ending up on the Warriors, which obviously elicits reactions and opinions from all across the basketball world.

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So there you have it.

Now, you just have to wonder if you would have spent the last minute or two of your life reading this article had Moore used the word "leaves" instead of "bails."

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