KD explains why he still uses burner account on Twitter

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In early February, Kevin Durant told Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on the "All the Smoke" podcast that he still uses a burner account on social media.

Two months prior, the former Warriors superstar was a guest on "The Corp" podcast with Alex Rodriguez and Barstool Sports' "Big Cat." And near the very end of the episode -- which was released Wednesday -- the three had the following back and forth:

Big Cat: "Where are you at with social media these days?"

Durant: "I'm at my peak. I still have burners that I use."

Big Cat: "Oh, really?"

Durant: "For sure."

Rodriguez: "I feel like almost every athlete has a burner."

Durant: "I have a burner Twitter account still. See, when people used that burner thing against me, they only thought I was over there just to talk s--t. [But] I was really endulging a lot of different communities on my burner. 

"So when I deleted it, I was like, 'What the ...' These people really made me delete what I enjoy -- which is my burner account. So, I got another one. Just to kind of do my own thing on the side, you know.

"But I'm at my peak on Twitter. I think a lot of my followers enjoy my content."


If Durant wants to spend time interacting with people through his burner account, he is 100 percent entitled to do just that. That's his choice, and who are we to tell him what he should do instead?

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Having said that, does yours truly believe the two-time NBA Finals MVP is wasting his time? Is having a burner account silly? Yes and yes.

Again, he should do what makes him happy. He's clearly passionate about the issue, and isn't harming anybody else with his actions.

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