KD jokes Steph owes him Rolex too with perfect screenshot


There were many jokes flying around social media when Steph Curry celebrated breaking the all-time 3-point record with Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala by gifting them Rolex watches.

But former Warriors teammate and current Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant could be the clear winner with this gem after also congratulating the 3-point "God" for breaking Ray Allen's mark.

Draymond Green: gets a Rolex. Andre Iguodala: gets a Rolex. Klay Thompson: also apparently getting a Rolex. But as Durant jokes, it appears that KD, the fifth member of the famed Hampton's Five lineup, is still waiting for his.

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In all seriousness, it was a heartwarming moment between Curry, Green, and Iguodala at Madison Square Garden.

And the three of them, along with Thompson, not only are still Steph's Warriors teammates but also have had by far the longest tenure with the 3-point king, which have included three NBA championships.

Durant and Steph, while probably leading the most talented of the Warriors’ title teams from 2016-2019, had two titles together in just three seasons before KD left for Brooklyn.

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