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Klay Thompson went to Santa Margarita Catholic High School in Southern California. 

So UCLA and USC must have recruited him hard, right?


"Klay wanted to play in the Pac-12 so bad," his dad, Mychal, explained recently on the podcast "Raising Fame" with Dell and Sonya Curry. "I remember we left Notre Dame (on a recruiting visit), he said, 'Dad, I'm going to Notre Dame.' He was really impressed with the coaches and the whole school and everything.

"And then after we got back, Washington State called. And then he went to visit. And then he came back and said, 'I'm going to Washington State.' He just wanted to play in the Pac-12."

So how did the five-time NBA All-Star break the news to his parents that he was going to spend his college years in Pullman, Washington?


"He made the choice himself. I think he called me from upstairs, 'Hey mom -- I committed to Washington State.' In the house, to tell us," Klay's mom, Julie, explained. "He called to tell and I think we were in the house.

"It's fine. That's just Klay."

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Who needs to walk downstairs and sit their parents down face-to-face to break some important news when you can just pick up the phone?

Do we think Klay thought Julie wasn't home? Whatever. Not important.

That's a perfect Klay story.

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