Klay Thompson channels Jackie Moon en route to NBA's 3-point record

Klay Thompson channels Jackie Moon en route to NBA's 3-point record

Klay Thompson showed off a new look en route to an NBA-record 14 3-pointers and 52 total points on Monday in a blowout win over the Chicago Bulls. 

Thompson wore a headband for a good chunk of his record-setting night, and credited a Will Ferrell character as his inspiration.

"I looked like Jackie Moon out there, so I was feeling good," Thompson joked with reporters after the game. "He's one of my favorite characters in all of sports movies, so that's probably why I broke the record."

Jackie Moon, of course, was the main character in "Semi-Pro," Will Ferrell's 2008 comedy about an ABA franchise trying to make the jump to the NBA. But there were also practical reasons Thompson donned a headband down the stretch in the Windy City.

Thompson told reporters he and teammate Damian Jones collided like "a couple of idiots," and he had to get two stitches in his head as a result. He told reporters after the game he just wanted to get back on the court, and wearing a band-aid under a headband allowed him to do that. 

"I wasn't gonna let that stop me from attempting this record," Thompson said.

Perhaps the only thing that could have stopped Thompson Monday night was a halftime, bear-wrestling promotion. 

Watch Steph Curry's mother, Sonya, make underhanded half-court shot

Watch Steph Curry's mother, Sonya, make underhanded half-court shot

Shooting just runs in the Curry family, doesn’t it?

Sonya Curry, Warriors superstar Steph Curry’s mother, brought the house down when she sunk an underhanded half-court shot when the Curry family was back in Charlotte, N.C. for the NBA All-Star Game.

The Currys celebrated in style after her shot swished through the net.

Sonya’s shooting exploits were on display as part of an event the Stephen and Ayesha Curry Family foundation helped put together at the Carole Hoefner Center. The Curry family was there to raise the curtain on a large-scale renovation of the gym, which will help serve the community of Charlotte.

Sonya is quite the athlete herself, so her shooting marksmanship should come as no surprise. Sonya was a basketball star in high school and played volleyball at Virginia Tech University.

Of course, Sonya’s husband, Dell, and her two sons, Steph and Seth, have all reached the NBA.

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Seth, a member of the Portland Trail Blazers, will be competing against his older, more famous brother on Saturday night in the NBA 3-point contest.

Steph said earlier Friday that he’d beat his brother in the competition, and hinted that Dell also might have a role in the event.

But based on Sonya’s half-court shot, is it too late for her to get an invite to enter the contest as well?

Steph Curry, Seth get hilarious advice from Dell for NBA 3-Point Contest

Steph Curry, Seth get hilarious advice from Dell for NBA 3-Point Contest

Father knows best, right? 

When it comes from a 16-year NBA veteran, yes. Even if you are the two-time NBA MVP and three-time champ. 

Some advice is better than others, and it doesn't get much better than what Dell Curry said to his sons Steph and Seth about how to win the NBA 3-Point Contest. 

"My pops, his advice when he did it, was don't do what he did and go out the night before 'til the sun comes up," Steph said in an exclusive interview with NBC Sports Bay Area's Kelenna Azubuike. "He's like, 'the person that wants to win the most, is the one that's gonna go to bed the earliest and not go out the night before.' I appreciated that."

Dell only scored 12 points and was dropped in the first round of the 1994 3-Point Contest against Cleveland's Mark Price.

Steph has already predicted he'll beat Seth and win the event, so he better get some shut-eye. It sounds like there's going to a pretty expensive brotherly bet, too. 

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There's never been a better 3-point shooting family than the Currys. It should be a competitive contest with Steph and Seth, but either way, they'll probably do better than Dell ... if they stick to his advice.