NBA rumors: Grizzlies not currently negotiating Andre Iguodala buyout


NBA rumors: Grizzlies not currently negotiating Andre Iguodala buyout

Andre Iguodala reportedly might not hit the open market after all.

The Memphis Grizzlies, who acquired the longtime Warriors forward in a July salary dump following Kevin Durant's decision to join the Brooklyn Nets, are "refusing right now" to discuss buying out the 35-year-old, The Athletic and Stadium's Shams Charnia reported Monday, citing sources.

Shortly after Iguodala was traded to the Grizzlies, ESPN's Tim MacMahon reported in July that the Grizzlies were "actively exploring the trade market" for the veteran. Trading for Iguodala, the 2015 NBA Finals MVP, reportedly was the Rockets' No.1 priority in mid-July, according to The Athletic's Sam Amick. ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, meanwhile, said on July 1 that Iguodala's plan was to "work out a buyout and then go to the Lakers."

Of course, none of those things ultimately happened, and Iguodala has remained on the Grizzlies' roster through the bulk of the offseason. Iguodala "desires a contender at this stage," according to Charania. 

Whether Charania's reporting pressures the Grizzlies to grant Iguodala's apparent wish remains to be seen, but Iguodala is closer to the end of his career than the beginning. He averaged a career-low 5.7 points and 23.2 minutes per game in his 15th NBA season, but the Warriors outscored their opponents by 9.0 points per 100 possessions when he was on the court. When he wasn't, Golden State outscored opponents by 4.9 points per 100 possessions. 

Iguodala still has something to contribute, and his veteran knowledge could be an asset for a young Grizzlies team. Those appear to be competing interests at this point, however, making the former Warriors' situation one to keep an eye on as the season nears. 

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Don't expect a Warriors reunion, though. Iguodala would have to sign with -- or get traded to -- another team before it could become a possibility, and the Warriors are hard-capped this season because of the D'Angelo Russell sign-and-trade. Golden State currently doesn't have enough room under the salary cap to fit another guaranteed contract. 

In other words, just wait for the jersey retirement. 

Warriors’ NBA draft lottery picks since 1990, ranked from worst to best

Warriors’ NBA draft lottery picks since 1990, ranked from worst to best

It's been a while since the Warriors had an NBA draft pick in the lottery.

But due to Kevin Durant's departure and injuries to Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, the Warriors own the worst record in the NBA and will have one of the top picks in the 2020 draft.

Before general manager Bob Myers and the Warriors' front office add a top talent to the roster, let's look back at all the lottery picks the franchise has made since 1990.

From Tyrone Hill in 1990 to Harrison Barnes in 2012, here are the Warriors' last 17 lottery picks ranked from worst to best.


Trae Young says he'll catch Steph Curry as NBA's best shooter in 1 year

Trae Young says he'll catch Steph Curry as NBA's best shooter in 1 year

In light of the coronavirus outbreak putting all American sports on an indefinite pause, hot takes have become the topic du jour for fans relegated to their homes.

While joining “The Big Podcast with Shaq,” Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young was pressed on the many comparisons the young point guard draws to Warriors star Steph Curry.

On the subject of taking over Curry’s title as the NBA’s most feared shooter, Young doesn’t think it will be long before he overtakes Steph.

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It’s hard to take any stock in this statement given how much Shaq pressed the 21-year-old to answer.

But Young’s talent is unmistakable, and there’s a chance we’ll see Young resetting the record books one day the way Curry has throughout his 11 years in the NBA.

A year though? I’d imagine Curry and his teammates would disagree with that timeline.