Report: Wait to see who Warriors draft will get even longer


The Warriors' offseason waiting game reportedly is about to get even longer.

The NBA is "moving toward pushing back" the 2020 draft and the start of free agency, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported Tuesday. Golden State was set to pick No. 2 overall in the Oct. 16 draft and open free agency two days later, but both will happen at later dates, according to Wojnarowski, at least in part because the league likely will delay the start of next season beyond Dec. 1.

Seven months would've passed between the Warriors' last regular-season game on March 10 and the NBA's October draft date, which was rescheduled from June 25 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, Golden State is potentially staring down a much longer wait before some of the offseason's key dates, though the delay reportedly will allow for some key details before then.

Wojnarowski reported that the NBA and National Basketball Players Association will use the time to negotiate the salary cap and luxury tax for next season, providing both sides "proper time to prepare for the financial realities of the pandemic's impact on the league." Without setting a cap that accounts for the revenue losses in setting the cap, Wojnarowski noted that the Warriors would face a luxury-tax penalty of $160 million compared to $45 million under the collective bargaining agreement's previously projected threshold.

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So, the Warriors could use that extra time. Even if it means ruminating on who to draft at No. 2 overall a little (or a whole lot) longer, Golden State will have a much better idea of the financial realities standing in the way of overhauling the roster and, ultimately, returning to NBA Finals contention after spending last season in the league's cellar.


Now, the Warriors must determine how best to use the newfound time.