Seth shares pros, cons of 'being the younger brother of Steph'


The son of Dell Curry. The brother of Steph Curry. The son-in-law of Doc Rivers. 

Seth Curry has had to create a name for himself his entire career. 

After going undrafted in the 2013 NBA Draft, Seth signed a non-guaranteed contract with his older brother's team. 

“I think sometimes those connections can get you in the door,” Seth told Draymond Green on “The Draymond Green Show”. “But there comes a time where you have to produce every day, you have to bring value or they’re going to get you out of there.”

After the Curry brothers appeared in six NBA games together, the childhood dream came to an end when the Warriors eventually waived Seth. 

Seth went on to be a part of several franchises and bounced around between the G League and NBA. 

Nine seasons later, his departure from his brother and the Warriors turned out to be the best thing for him. 

Seth acknowledged that his incremental improvements over the years have helped him now at this point in his career, where he is averaging career-highs across the board with the Brooklyn Nets. 

The 31-year-old has always been an efficient shooter, something that he takes pride in and certainly something that runs in the family. 


“Learning from Steph, being able to ask him questions, following his journey,” Seth told Green. “Because I got a guy who has been through a lot of the grinds and I can pick his brain. And more importantly, just watch what he does and add it to myself.”

Steph is a three-time NBA champion, two-time MVP and eight-time All-Star. His journey has been very different than his brother’s -- and that’s OK. 

Still, Draymond said he feels like people compare Seth to Steph, forcing Seth to constantly have to prove his worth on the floor due to who his brother is. 

To Seth, he understands the unique situation he’s in and is trying to do the most with the opportunity presented in front of him. 

“I got to mold that to who I am and I got to bring value to the team and to whatever I’m doing myself,” he said. “There’s some pros and cons to being the younger brother of Steph and the son of Del.”

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For now, Seth is focused on helping a Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving-led Nets team during the final stretch of the regular season and into their playoff push. 

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