Steph jokes he'll rock Prince 'vibe' in next 3-point contest


The late Prince once said in his hit song “Let’s Go Crazy:” “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called ‘life.’ ”

He also once spun a basketball on his finger, and sunk a shot … in the midst of a concert back in 1988. Something only a legend could do … perhaps that’s why Warriors star Steph Curry wants to emulate the icon.

The clip of Prince’s shot managed to make its way around social media recently, so Steph joked that not only is he going to embrace the “vibe” the next time there’s a 3-point contest, but maybe even dress the way Prince did as well.

Where can I get tickets to watch this?

Steph is the king of 3-pointers, and recently took home the 2021 3-point contest crown at All-Star weekend in Atlanta, reclaiming his title. And remains one of the best shooters in the game … and arguably of all time. Even Portland Trail Blazers star, and Oakland native, Damian Lillard says so.

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"Obviously we think of Steph Curry first when we think of shooters -- the greatest shooter to ever play in our league,” Lillard said recently in an interview with NBA TNT. But he'll tell you the same thing -- it's a lot of reps.”


We wouldn’t put it past Steph to execute something like this. 

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