Steph Curry is going to need all the help he can get at the start of next season, and the Warriors hope their first-round draft pick can help take some of the offensive load off the two-time NBA MVP's shoulders.

The Warriors drafted Michigan's Jordan Poole with the No. 28 overall selection in June. The young guard garnered a reputation as a gunner in college, and he has the shot-making ability to be an asset alongside Curry this season.

With Kevin Durant, DeMarcus Cousins, Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston all gone, the burden will fall on Curry, Draymond Green and new-addition D'Angelo Russell to help the Dubs stay afloat in the newly revamped Western Conference. 

Poole can help by giving the Warriors some scoring pop off the pine, and Curry has liked what he's seen from the young gunner.

Via The Athletic's Marcus Thompson:

Curry said he watched some of the Warriors’ summer-league action. One of the players who jumped out at him was first-round pick Jordan Poole.

Curry loved the youngster’s confidence. He can already see how the Warriors can take advantage of Poole’s aggressiveness and creativity. Sure, the youngster will have his bumps as he learns the ropes. But Curry likes the idea of Poole’s “F you mentality” in the rotation.

Despite their rival alma maters, Green also should appreciate that attitude from Poole, as it's something the five-time All-Defensive selection has in common with the rookie.


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As the Warriors retool in the aftermath of a grueling NBA Finals loss, many are counting them out of the championship picture for next season. With the doubters multiplying, expect every Warrior to take on Poole's mentality, and look for the rookie to help them silence their skeptics.