Steph, Seth rock candy-colored Curry 8s honoring brotherhood

Warriors' Steph Curry

Steph and Seth Curry's sibling rivalry extends to color-coated candy.

The former loves Skittles, while the latter delights in M&M's. So, with Steph's Warriors playing against Seth's Philadelphia 76ers on Monday night at Wells Fargo Center, the Curry brothers honored their favorite tasty treats.

Steph, being the older and, seemingly, more diplomatic brother, opted to wear one of each shoe. Seth, meanwhile, is all about the M&M's.

Neither Curry brother played in the Warriors' loss to the Sixers at Chase Center last month, and they've not played against each other in an NBA game since Steph's Warriors swept Seth's Portland Trail Blazers in the 2019 Western Conference finals.

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Their parents, Dell and Sonya Curry, wore both sons' colors during that series. The couple admitted last year they were rooting for the Trail Blazers to advance to the 2019 NBA Finals since Seth hadn't made it.

But where do dad and mom fall on their sons' favorite candy? To borrow a slogan from a candy neither Curry brother appears partial to, the world may never know.

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