Kerr changed mind on challenge rule, explains Dubs strategy

Steve Kerr yell ref

Steve Kerr was not a fan of the "Coach's Challenge" when it first was implemented for the 2019-20 NBA season.

But it sounds like he has a whole new perspective on the rule.

"I actually kind of like it now. We've figured out that we can do a better job of when and how to use it," Kerr explained Thursday on KNBR 680's "Tolbert, Krueger & Brooks" show. "Last year, we had the worst record in the league, so we would find ourselves down 15 in the second quarter -- game's already slipping away -- and we would think, 'We gotta use it. This thing could be over my halftime if we don't do something.'

"This year -- because we're competitive -- we've realized [it is best to] just save it for the end. Leave it for the end of the game. Unless maybe Steph [Curry] or Draymond [Green] picks up a fourth foul early in the second half, where you can keep one of your best players on the floor.

"Otherwise, save it for the end."

In the Warriors' win over the Cleveland Cavaliers back on Feb. 15, Draymond was called for his fourth foul about 30 seconds into the third quarter. The three-time NBA champion was adamant it was a clean blocked shot, and encouraged the Warriors to challenge the call.

Kerr obliged and the call was overturned.


Then in the Warriors' win over the New York Knicks this week, Draymond implored Kerr to contest an out-of-bounds call with 5:11 remaining in the game.

Golden State won the challenge again.

So Kerr should believe Draymond every time he asks for a review, right?

"Well, he was like 0-for-8 last year," Kerr said with a joking tone. "He would be passionately yelling, 'Review it, review it!' And then we look up at the scoreboard and he's hammering the guy on the shoulder [laughter]."

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The eight-time NBA champion also discussed another variable impacting Golden State's strategy.

"The other factor that's helping us this year is we have a monitor right behind the bench," Kerr said. "[Assistant coach] Chris DeMarco looks at every single play immediately. Last year, we literally were looking at the scoreboard.

"We didn't have much of an angle or enough time to make the call."

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