Kerr discusses type of player Warriors want with No. 2 pick


The Warriors did not claim the ultimate prize when the 2020 NBA Draft Lottery was held back on Aug. 20.

But ending up with the No. 2 overall pick still was a fantastic result.

"We know how important this pick is," coach Steve Kerr said this week on the "Jemele Hill is Unbothered" podcast. "The most important thing that's come from it is -- as we sit here outside the bubble watching the games and knowing we have the second pick -- it's allowed all of us in the organization to watch every playoff game and realize how the league is changing, who the most talented players are, what the most effective strategies are.

"And then you look at the crop of players available and you go, 'OK, who is gonna fit in to all of that?' And we haven't really had a chance to examine that in depth for the last five years, thankfully because, we've been in the (NBA) Finals.

"This is the first time we've had to really examine our own team and the league. It's been a really, really healthy process for us."

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So is there a type of player the Warriors want?

"You're really trying to dig aren't you (laughter)?" Kerr jokingly answered. "Well, we learned a lot from our own journey over the last five years. You got a guy like Steph Curry -- who has other-worldly skill -- and if there's somebody like that out there, you gotta consider him no matter what.


"If there's nobody with that kind of skill, then you really gotta look at the playoffs and think, 'What's winning? What's winning at the highest level?' And these days it's not really any secret -- versatility, switchability, guys who can guard multiple positions and stand up to the physicality.

"Those are all the important things. So those are the characteristics and qualities we're looking for."

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When Hill joked that Kerr was being vague and secretive, the eight-time NBA champion laughed and said: "That's how I like it."

The Warriors could wind up taking a big man such as James Wiseman, Onyeka Okongwu or Obi Toppin, but it seems more likely they select a wing player. And it's possible they select that prospect later in the lottery by trading down.

Then again, the end result definitely could be Golden State trading out of the first round entirely by sending the No. 2 overall pick elsewhere in exchange for an established veteran.

We will find out when the draft is held Nov. 18, or perhaps in the weeks prior.

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