Kerr explains how Toscano-Anderson is similar to Draymond

Juan Toscano-Anderson Bulls

Juan Toscano-Anderson is not even on a standard NBA contract, as the Warriors released the 27-year-old Dec. 19, yet were able to retain him a couple days later on a two-way deal.

Well, JTA started for Golden State in Sunday night's win over the Chicago Bulls, and made some very solid contributions over 19 minutes.

"Juan has been fantastic," Steve Kerr told the media Monday. "He's just one of those guys who understands the game at a really, really deep level. He's setting the screen at the right time, he's making the back cut at the right time, he's sliding over defensively to help at the exact right time. 

"He's a little bit like Draymond [Green] in that his brain is on high alert at all times at both ends of the floor. I'm a huge fan. He absolutely belongs in this league. As long as Draymond is out, he's going to play."

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Toscano-Anderson recorded five points, five rebounds, one assist and one steal against the Bulls. He hit a 3-pointer and took a charge on Zach LaVine in transition.

Since Draymond will not be in uniform when the Warriors play the Detroit Pistons on Tuesday night, Kerr said he anticipates starting the Oakland native again.

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Per league rules, the 6-foot-6 forward is allowed to suit up for a maximum of 50 games this season.

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