Though no date has been set, coronavirus precautions in San Francisco were reduced enough Thursday for the Warriors to begin preparing a return to practices at Chase Center.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced that many businesses within the city, such as the Warriors, falling under Phase 2A of her plan could return to specific activities sometime before June 15, assuming there is an approved plan.

To be clear, it’s conceivable the Warriors will return for practices as early as next week.

Shortly after the mayor’s afternoon announcement, the team issued the following statement as a response:

“Once we receive approval by the County Health Officer, we plan to open our practice facility for voluntary workouts with our players. In doing so, we will follow all health and safety protocols and procedures implemented by the NBA, the City and County and our own additional [COVID-19] measures.”

Mayor Breed’s plan also specifies that actual games -- without spectators -- would fall under Phase 2B, for which there is a June 15 target date. That date is tentative.

Though most Golden State players and coaches have been following shelter-in-place orders in the Bay Area, some are outside the state of California. It would take at least a few days to reconvene as a team.

In addition to the Warriors, other San Francisco businesses that fall under Phase 2A include construction, hotels, curbside retail as well as routine medical and dental services. Following Phase 2B are Phases 2C (July 13 target date) and 3 (mid-August target date).


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Phase 4, for which no target date will be announced until the first three phases are complete, would include live sports with fans in attendance.

“We’re entering a new phase of this crisis and we feel comfortable that we’re at a place that we can begin reopening parts of our economy, but that is not to say that this virus doesn’t continue to threaten our city,” Mayor Breed said. “As we begin recovering and reopening, all of us are going to have to play our part to adjust to the new normal until we have a vaccine, and we’ll continue to do everything we can to offer clear guidelines and precautions to support residents and businesses with the new adjustments that will be needed moving forward.”

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