Eric Paschall had a wild start to his NBA career, to say the least. He entered the league as a second-round draft pick by the Warriors, was thrust into a much larger role than expected due to injuries and then proved to be a capable scorer right away as a rookie. 

Oh, and then a global pandemic saw his first season cut short.

All in all, the Villanova product impressed teammates and coaches alike. Paschall, 23, was one of the Warriors' top scorers, averaging 14.0 points over 27.6 minutes per game. But there's one part of his offensive game Paschall will focus on this offseason

"Just work on one thing," Paschall said on Howard Beck's "The Full 48" podcast. "I feel like that's very important. Every summer, you work on one thing to get better. I feel like that's what I'm gonna do this summer -- really work on my 3-point shot. Same thing with liftin', try to do as much as I can in the quarantine rules.

"I feel like that's gonna be very important for me this summer."

The young forward shot just 28.7 percent from beyond the arc this season. In three seasons at Villanova, Paschall made 33.8 percent of his 3-pointers. 

Working on his shot from long distance has been a point of emphasis from the Warriors as well. Paschall believes if he becomes more accurate on his 3s, it will just make himself and Golden State that much better next season.


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"I feel like I can really help the team and really help myself, so it's a real emphasis for myself and for the team," Paschall said. "I feel like this summer's the right time to work on and get better at it and just improve every summer." 

Paschall, who is back home in New York right now, is headed back to the Bay Area this week to work with Warriors player development coaches. While he looked like a draft steal as a rookie, taking his game to the next level will be huge for himself and the Warriors as they look to get back to the top next season.

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