Dubs rookie Moody reveals funny way he learned to take charges


Moses Moody's willingness as a defender was one of the main reasons the Warriors were thrilled to pick him No. 14 overall in the 2021 NBA Draft.

So far through Moody's time in Summer League and the NBA preseason, that defensive intensity has been on display each and every game, as he takes charges and hustles for steals on a regular basis.

Moody revealed the funny way he learned to take charges while speaking with reporters Friday night after the Warriors' preseason win over the Los Angeles Lakers.

"When I was a kid on my team, I was in sixth grade, my coach, he would give you a dollar every time you get a charge, and I was a businessman, so I'm out there trying to make my money," Moody said. "Honestly, that's really how it started, but ever since then, that's just been a part of my game.

"Even knowing now I got to choose, I got one this game, but I know going forward I got to be smart because I might not get those calls early on being a young guy, but just got to figure out the situation and adapt."

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Moody said he ended up making about $20 in sixth grade, so clearly he made that an emphasis on defense.

On the offensive end Friday, Moody shot 3 of 3 from behind the 3-point line in just over 10 minutes of action. 

Moody still is just 19 years old and will experience growing pains in his rookie season, but an enthusiasm for doing the dirty work and an ability to consistently hit outside shots would go a long way toward earning him playing time in the Warriors' rotation.


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