Curry one-ups LeBron with own no-look 3-pointer vs. T-Wolves

Stephen Curry, Warriors

Two of basketball’s greatest are having a fun tit for tat. 

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James recently channeled his inner Steph Curry, hitting a 3-pointer while turning around to talk to his teammates before the ball went in the hoop. In Wednesday night’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Curry pulled a similar move from the same spot on the floor.

When James pulled off his no-look trifecta, he turned around to address Lakers point guard Dennis Schroder, who wagered him $100 to make the shot.

“Bet,” James said, as he turned his back to the basket.

Wonder if Curry said the same thing to the T-Wolves’ bench when he pulled off his little act of showmanship on Wednesday?

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Curry had an off shooting night, but heated up a bit after going 1-of-9 in the first half to score just two points. Even on a bad day, Curry knows how to have a good time on the floor.

Will this become a thing between him, James and other players around the league? Watch out for more no-look 3-pointers this season.

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