Why Livingston chose Warriors' front office role over coaching


Shaun Livingston -- who played five seasons for the Warriors from 2014 to 2019 -- now is Golden State's director, players affairs and engagement.

In the story that broke the news Monday night, Marcus Thompson of The Athletic explained how Livingston chose a role in the Dubs' front office over pursuing a career in coaching.

Warriors general manager Bob Myers apparently has been recruiting the three-time NBA champion for years.

“I always knew that door was open,” Livingston told Thompson. “I just had to walk through it. I always wanted to take this path. At the same time, with everything that’s going on, there’s more purpose in this job now, although I think there has always been purpose with it.

"I understand I may be the only brother in the office doing this. At the same time, there’s more purpose in me doing this job, especially as a Black person right now.”

Livingston knows he has a lot to learn, but the 35-year-old (his birthday was last week) gained some incredible experience and wisdom throughout his 15-year NBA career.

He suited up for nine franchises, and also played in 11 G League games for the Tulsa 66ers (now the Oklahoma City Blue) during the 2008-09 season.

"Observing the locker room, observing the coaches, observing the staff, observing the front office, observing the organization and the back office. Just seeing everything and dealing with all the personnel systems … you get to see how an organization works," he told Thompson. "So for me, I’m like, ‘I could put together a team.' ... seeing what doesn’t work, especially, that was key.”

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The Peoria, Illinois native overcame a career-threatening injury, and defied the odds by becoming an integral role player on three NBA championship teams.

And now he is back with the franchise looking to return to title contention next season and beyond.

"I want to work as a team. I want to work in unison," Livingston said. "I thrive on trying to find solutions to problems.”

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