Zaza reveals favorite thing about being Steph's teammate

Steph Curry, Zaza Pachulia

There's undoubtedly a lot to like about being teammates with Steph Curry. Who wouldn't like setting screens for the Warriors star as he bombed away from deep?

While Curry's 3-point prowess, genius passing and underrated defense all will have him enshrined in Springfield, Mass., it was something else that made Zaza Pachulia love being his teammate.

"To me, the most important thing with Steph is his humanity," Pachulia told Bay Area News Group's Wes Goldberg when asked about his favorite Curry story. "Because I’ve played with multiple superstars and very few of them -- I’ll probably say Dirk (Nowitzki) that comes to my mind -- and Steph are definitely on top that they treat everybody the same from top to bottom. He doesn’t care what status you have in the organization, there is no hierarchy for him. He treats everybody so nicely and says hello. It’s amazing. And it’s a challenge, to be honest, to be able to have a conversation with every single employee of the organization and be nice and spend a couple minutes here and there, especially when you’re a superstar and there’s so much going on, on and off the court.

"Everybody knows that Steph Curry changed the game. He’s such a great athlete, but that’s all we see on the TV, on the highlights on social media. I wish we could see what type of people they are more, because that’s the leadership to me, that’s the inspiration to me. Even my kids do the same moves that Steph does and I love it. Of course, I want my kids to learn from the best. But let’s be honest, those moves are temporary, you can maybe use it or maybe not, but that leadership and humanity is going to be a life lesson. I don’t care where you take it, it’s going to help you."

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Curry has always been dedicated to helping others and making a difference in causes that are much bigger than basketball. From his Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation to his desire to help HBCUs and his desire to lead by example on the racial and social justice front, Curry has used his platform as a superstar athlete to help others.

Just like his jump shot, Curry's philanthropic desire never will leave him.

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