B's show off great outfits, views from Lake Tahoe


The Boston Bruins are apparently enjoying their time at Lake Tahoe.

Before their NHL Outdoors game against the Philadelphia Flyers, the team's social media account sent out numerous photos of the team rocking some retro outfits and taking in the beautiful views from around the ice.

It all started with the Bruins' arrival. The theme of the day was apparently dressing in '90s attire, and the B's followed it to a colorful tee.

Before dressing for the game, the team took some time to check out where they were playing and got together for a picture down by the lake. And with the players wearing their '90s garb, the photo looks like an all-timer.

Expect that one to circulate a few more times on social media before the week is up.

Then, in the lead-up to game-time, the Bruins donned their "reverse retro" uniforms for the first time this season. It marked the first time that the team wore the alternates this year, and they looked pretty sharp overall.

As great-looking as the gold jerseys are, they pale in comparison to the view both from the ice and above the ice at Lake Tahoe. The Bruins thankfully captured a picturesque view of the rink and its surroundings just before the game got started.

Wow. Just wow.

Regardless of the outcome of the game, this surely looks like an experience that the Bruins won't soon forget.