Bruins' Trent Frederic reminisces on his basement 'Fight Club'


Trent Frederic has added toughness to the Boston Bruins this season and is quickly becoming a fan favorite as a result.

The 23-year-old has provided a spark with notable bouts against Washington Capitals tough guy Tom Wilson as well as Brendan Lemieux of the New York Rangers. He also impressed when he dropped the gloves against Brandon Tanev in his NHL debut.

It turns out Frederic has plenty of experience in that department. He joined Moose and Glenn on NBC Sports Boston's "The Camera Guys" to explain where he learned to fight.

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"Me and my brother, he's three years older than me. My brother is Grant. We had an unfinished basement where we kind of made it into a roller rink type deal. So we used to get into a good amount of fights there," Frederic said.

"I was kind of used to probably taking more [punches] than giving them, so that's probably what helped me learn. It actually got to a point where we were fighting so much that my mom bought us boxing gloves. Then I had the Tap Out helmet and mouthguard. He actually didn't have to wear the helmet, I was getting beat up that bad that he didn't have to wear it, but I had to wear it when I fought him."


It was all fun and games in the Frederic brothers' basement "Fight Club" until one punch caught the Bruins center the wrong way.

"We fought hard for sure. Like, punching, headshots, everything. The last time we fought ... this was when I was probably 13, 14. He had these Nike Bauer gloves. He actually caught me with one and I was out. That was the last time we fought. I think it kind of scared him."

That moment certainly hasn't kept Frederic from stepping up as an enforcer for Boston. Only 17 games into his NHL career, the 6-foot-2, 230-pounder is earning a reputation as a guy many of his opponents don't want to mess with.

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You can check out Frederic's full interview with The Camera Guys below: