B's fans will enjoy Kucherov's ruthless shot at Montreal fans


Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Montreal Canadiens was a worst-case Stanley Cup Final for Boston Bruins fans. Until Nikita Kucherov took the podium Wednesday night, that is.

The Lightning forward was, to put it one way, in high spirits after his team dispatched the Canadiens in Game 5 to clinch back-to-back Stanley Cup titles.

So, when a reporter asked how he was feeling in his postgame press conference, Kucherov responded with an epic monologue that included an absolute roasting of Canadiens fans.

Kucherov began with a passionate defense of Lightning goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy, whom he believes should have won the Vezina Trophy as the NHL's best goalie instead "whatever the guy in Vegas" (Marc-Andre Fleury).

Kucherov then put Habs fans in his crosshairs, blasting them for celebrating the team's Game 4 win in Montreal like they "won the Stanley Cup."

"Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Their final was last series," Kucherov added.

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Bruins fans may agree with Kucherov's take about their longtime rival. The Habs barely finished over .500 while playing in a relatively weak North Division of all Canadian teams and only faced one team outside their division (the Vegas Golden Knights) en route to the Cup Final.

The Lightning put the Canadiens in their place in the Final, and while Tampa Bay poses a major threat to the Bruins next season, at least Boston fans don't have to deal with Montreal supporters rubbing a victory in their faces.


As for that press conference, we have one question for Boston fans: Who did their post-championship press conference better, Kucherov or Celtics forward Brian Scalabrine following the 2008 NBA Finals?