Gronk makes funny joke about Tom Brady's incredible longevity

/ by Nick Goss
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The Dallas Cowboys tried to blitz Tom Brady in the red zone during the third quarter of Thursday night's NFL season opener at Raymond James Stadium, and it went horribly for them.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback read the Cover 0 defense and quickly audibled to a play where tight end Rob Gronkowski would act like he's pass blocking before taking off down the middle toward the goal line.

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The Cowboys brought pressure and Brady found Gronkowski for the Bucs' final touchdown of the game.

Gronkowski was asked after his team's eventual 31-29 victory about Brady reading the defense and switching to a play that would counter it. Gronk had plenty of praise for his quarterback but couldn't resist a friendly jab at his age, too.

“Tom made a great call,” Gronkowski told reporters. “I think I was actually on a route, and then he checked me into blocking, and then he checked me into blocking and releasing. He just sees it all on the field. It’s impressive. I mean the guy’s been playing for like 80 years, seen every defense, seen every play."

Eighty years is a bit of a stretch -- Brady's only in his 22nd season, but Gronk makes a valid point.

Overall, Brady and Gronkowski were in midseason form Thursday night. If that was a preview of what's to come this season, opposing defenses across the league are in a lot of trouble.