How Steph Curry is using Tom Brady as a late-career role model

/ by Darren Hartwell
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Stephen Curry defied Father Time in 2020-21, delivering one of the best seasons of his career at an age when his production should be declining.

Sound familiar?

At 32, the Golden State Warriors star is following a career arc similar to that of Tom Brady: He's already collected multiple championships and individual accolades but is managing to improve at a (relatively) advanced age.

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So, perhaps it isn't surprising that Curry has spoken to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback about his tricks of the trade.

"Absolutely," Curry told NBC Sports Bay Area's Monte Poole when asked if Brady has changed the narrative around older athletes.

"I’ve actually talked to him personally about this. He’s at the point now where he can look back and talk about that with some authority and experience."

Brady won NFL MVP awards at age 30 and age 40, continuing to thrive well beyond when many -- including the New England Patriots -- expected him to taper off. According to Curry, Brady credited his mindset for part of that success.

“Even he said, in the moment, when he was in his early 30s, mid-30s, late-30s, it was always, ‘I think I’ve still got two more years in me. Stay. Do everything I can to sustain yourself and stay physically and mentally sharp,' " Curry said of Brady. "And then you look up and you’re saying that again, saying it the next two years. And you’re saying it again.


"It's all about staying in the moment and not fast forwarding and putting too much pressure on yourself to reach that milestone."

Brady has looked ahead on occasion, stating that he wants to play until age 45. But the 44-year-old quarterback relieved some of that self-imposed pressure in a recent interview with NBC Sports' Peter King.

"I'll know when the time's right (to retire)," Brady told King. “If I'm not a championship-level quarterback, then I'm not going to play. If I'm a liability to the team, I mean, no way. But if I think I can win a championship, then I'll play."

Curry's Warriors are farther away from title contention than Brady's Bucs. But with Klay Thompson eyeing a return this season, Golden State could make some noise if Curry continues to follow in Brady's footsteps.