Celtics Talk: Scalabrine's plan to fix the inconsistent Celtics


Is it time to inject a little more energy into this Boston Celtics team?

In Wednesday night's 114-111 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, they looked sluggish in the first half and didn't wake up to mount a comeback until it was too late. They also failed to match the L.A. Lakers' energy the night before at Staples Center.

Is this simply who the Celtics are as they once again fight to stay above .500, or is there something head coach Ime Udoka can do to provide a spark? Brian Scalabrine joined Chris Forsberg on a brand new episode of the Celtics Talk Podcast to discuss.

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Scal used the loss to the Clippers as an example of when the C's could've used an energy boost from their young guns.

"Why not use Payton Pritchard, why not use Aaron Nesmith, just to wreak havoc out there?" Scalabrine asked. "Why not wear the hell out of Reggie Jackson all game long? Like, put him in a torture chamber. You're going to deal with a little bit of (Marcus) Smart early on, then some (Dennis) Schroder, then you bring in Payton Pritchard, Aaron Nesmith, you pick him up, and all game long he is just fighting off defenders. I'm not saying full-court press run around crazy, all I'm asking for is an individual to come out there and turn them twice in the backcourt.

Udoka sends a message after Brandon Boston Jr. torches C's

"And all of a sudden it's the fourth quarter, right? And now Marcus Smart can sink his teeth into Reggie Jackson. Like, what version of Reggie Jackson will we see? So you say, 'What about a great point guard?' I'll go next game, Chris Paul. We've seen what Jrue Holiday did to Chris Paul. Can you imagine him having to fight that off possession after possession?

"So, I'm looking around the identity of this team, and I love defense and I love the team, love the way they play, love the way they share the ball, but the big question mark is do they play hard? Are they giving it their all? ... So, why can't we take this bench that we have and sprinkle a little bit of that?"

Also in the new episode: Scal and Forsberg agree that the team just needs to play harder more consistently. What gives Scal and Forsberg hope after the first 26 games into the season. What a Jaylen Brown return to the lineup will mean. Should Brad Stevens look at the forthcoming fire sales in Portland and Indiana for a big roster shake-up? Why Scal wouldn't trade Marcus SmartIs there a viable path for Dennis Schroder to sign long-term? And an exclusive 1-on-1 with Danny Ainge.

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