Celtics Talk Podcast: Ainge's end-of-season comments and what's ahead for C's


Now that the Boston Celtics' 2019-20 run has come to an end, it's time to figure out how to improve for the future.

Sure, the C's could make some blockbuster deals this offseason and look like a different team in 2021, but is this really a group that needs to make a major change?

On a brand new Celtics Talk Podcast, Kyle Draper and Chris Forsberg explain what the C's need to do to improve and compete for a spot in the NBA Finals next season.

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"This year was not for a lack of talent. They just need -- hopefully it's just experience, right? You do need somebody to come off the bench, some veteran presence. But I'm not talking about wholesale changes or anything like that," Draper said.

"These guys just gotta sack up when it's time to win games. They didn't play terribly against Miami, but they played terrible down the stretch, and you can't do that. I still think they're right there. If you were to handicap the East going into next season, I'd probably say second, maybe third depending on Milwaukee."

Forsberg: Five ways C's can fix brutal crunch time woes

Forsberg believes Boston needs to do a better job of getting the ball to players they can trust in big moments.

"They need to define a hierarchy. Like, who are they trying to get the ball to in crunch time? To me, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Kemba [Walker] when he's healthy, maybe should be the only guys taking shots," Forsberg said. "I think you come in with the mindset that those three guys are the ones you want shooting the ball and maybe Gordon Hayward."


Also discussed in the new episode: Should fans be concerned or relieved that Danny Ainge said Kemba Walker won't be having knee surgery this offseason? Did the C's have enough to get to the Finals had they been healthy? And will they make any huge offseason trades?

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