Celtics Talk Podcast: Why Cedric Maxwell isn't watching the Finals


As of Wednesday, the Los Angeles Lakers are one win away from bringing home the franchise's 17th NBA championship.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis have led the way to help L.A. gain a 3-1 series lead over the Miami Heat heading into Friday night's Game 5. Outside of a 40-point outburst from Jimmy Butler in Game 3, the series has been pretty one-sided.

For the Boston Celtics fans who haven't had the desire to tune in following their conference finals loss to Miami, you aren't alone. Cedric Maxwell is right there with you.

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Maxwell joined Kyle Draper and Chris Forsberg on a brand new Celtics Talk Podcast to explain why he hasn't watched the 2020 Finals.

Celtics Talk Podcast: Why Cedric Maxwell isn’t watching the Finals and how the Celtics can get there next year | Listen & subscribe | Watch on YouTube

"I'm a hater, I'm not a congratulator," said Maxwell. "Mychal Thompson, my counterpart over there, is always talking noise about the Lakers and one thing I've always had on him is the fact the Celtics have won more championships.

"And given how this season ended for the Celtics, the Celtics had such a golden opportunity. In the beginning of the year, I said they could get to the Eastern Conference Finals. But once the door was open man, I want more. I wanted them to really control their own destiny."


So what kind of move could the C's make this offseason to help them reach that goal? How about bringing back a familiar face?

"You know a guy I would love to have back? Aron Baynes," Maxwell said. "Baynes is that big body on the inside that takes charges, doesn't allow you to get to the paint, can control a guy like Bam [Adebayo]. That was one of the areas -- and Daniel Theis had a great year. But that matchup really exposed the Celtics' weakness in the paint."

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Also discussed in the new episode: What changes should Celtics make heading into next year? How much will it hurt Celtics Nation to see the Lakers win a title? How much blame should Danny Ainge get for the C's not making the Finals? What grade would Maxwell give Brad Stevens for last season? And finally, how competitive will the East be next season?

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