Jaylen Brown has gotten a lot of attention for his dunk over LeBron James. And rightfully so. The dunk was an epic one that sparked the Boston Celtics and their fans in their 32-point win over the Los Angeles Lakers.

But not all appeared to be impressed by the dunk. And that prompted a reaction from Marcus Smart.

On Tuesday night, Smart took to Twitter to shout out Brown's effort while also hilariously chirping Celtics GM Danny Ainge for his lack of reaction to the play.

Smart does have a point about Ainge being rather unimpressed with the play considering the massive impact it had on the crowd.

But as Ainge pointed out, he's "hard to impress" and had another favorite play from the game.

And once Smart heard that, he had one message for Ainge.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that will be possible.

Ainge tweeted that Celtics assistant GM Mike Zarren confirmed it would be a "salary cap circumvention" to buy the players' lunch. But Smart wouldn't have it.

Zarren then came in as a part of Team Smart, revealing that Ainge may be going to a "local plant-based competitor" instead. Smart then chimed in referring to that knowledge as a "Game of Thrones level scandal".

And Ainge's response to those scandalous accusations? He denied them while Smart decided to tap out of the battle.

Much later when it looked like the Twitter battle had died down, Zarren chimed in once again. He accused Ainge of "dodging the truth" but elected not to "out his spot."


This is a pretty funny exchange all around and it's good to see that the Celtics are continuing to give off good vibes, even if it is just in a Twitter chirp-off about dunks and Chipotle.

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