It looks like the only Boston Celtics player to test positive for COVID-19 was Marcus Smart.

Some Celtics players only got their test results this afternoon but all other players and staff, beyond Smart, tested negative for the coronavirus, a team source told NBC Sports Boston.

This is obviously good news for the organization, as there had been some concern that the players and staffers may have been exposed to the illness after playing against Rudy Gobert. Gobert's positive test for COVID-19 was the catalyst for the NBA to shut down in response to the pandemic.

While Smart did test positive for the virus, he was asymptomatic and said he would be "fine" following his positive test.

And in the aftermath of that confirmation, Smart appeared on CNN to discuss the coronavirus pandemic and his positive test:

"I've actually been taking isolation -- the quarantine very, very seriously," Smart said. "I've been quarantined for a while now. Ever since we got back from our road trip and decided to get the team tested. I have been quarantined ever since. Doing everything I'm supposed to. Washing my hands. Germ-x. Everything."

It's definitely a good thing that Smart is taking this seriously, and hopefully, he'll be back to good health, like the rest of the team, in the near future.